RedShark: Day 9

I started today by deleting the original IATE videos off of the vimeo page so that I could upload the new ones with the alterations for Margot to see. I then set about the absolutely fantastic task of printing the DVDs for the University of Kent… in case you can’t tell I’m being sarcastic, this is a long boring tedious task but once again something that must be done. Every year RedShark films the University of Kent’s Graduation ceremonies to put of DVDs to sell to the students. This means about 650 DVDs need to be printed with the image and date for all the ceremonies in July, this involves the use of probably the oldest machine ever built, RedSharks ancient DVD printer! Well its about 10 years old which these day for technology is pretty old! Anyway I had to make a template image for each ceremony, about 13 of them and then put them into the DVD printing programme and print about 50 for each one. This takes a very long time and about 60 is needed for each batch due to the fact that about 10 will be misaligned in each lot.

Whilst I was waiting for those to print I was still fine tuning the trailer for the film The Mirror. Russ recorded a few voice overs for me to put on the trailer so that it had a bit more structure to it and seemed less like a random collection of images and titles! Once I had done this I exported it and put it up on vimeo for the client to see.


RedShark: Day 8

I had received some feedback from Margot about the IATE child psychology videos I had edited for her, so my morning was spent making these small changes to each of the videos so that they had the effect she wanted. Some of the changes she wanted were not able to be made so I made a list of the changes I had made and the ones that I was unable to make and e-mailed her. A few days ago I was e-mailing camera crews around the world to film interviews for Deloitte until they decided to not go ahead with the shoots, since then a couple more crews had got back to me from Singapore. I had to e-mail them to let them know about the cancellation of the shoots but thank them for getting back to me.

The main thing I had to do today was to create some titles to put in the trailer for The Mirror, I would be using the tag line given to me in an e-mail which included a short medium and long synopsis of the film “From Director Francis Poltera, A Psychological Faerytale, Dare You Look Into It?” For this I used Adobe After Effects so that the text could be animated in an interesting and professional way. I took quite a long time over this, making the text come forwards and explode off screen, I added some blur effects and space like effects to give the whole piece a good depth of field feel. I was very proud of these titles as they gave the entire trailer a much more professional feel and it developed my knowledge of After Effects further opening up even more opportunities for me to use it in my later work. We discussed how we would do the voice over for tomorrow and which version of the synopsis we would use to give the trailer more structure.

RedShark: Day 6

After a nice day out of the office it was back sitting down in front of the computer all day! I started by showing Russ what I started for the trailer edit for The Mirror, after some feedback I did a little more rearranging of clips, still desperately trying to gleam some kind of storyline from  it! To have a bit of a bit of a break from this I did some of the more admin side of the company by helping Karen with some quoting of jobs to clients for jobs around the world. This also meant I had to try and organise some camera crews in various countries such as Shang Hai and Switzerland. I had to search for for a company that looked professional and at the same level as RedShark in terms of size so that the quote would not be too large for the client. This required an element of organisation I am not used to as a lot of them responded quite promptly with e-mails or phone calls so I had to keep track of what I had told each company so that I could obtain the correct information from them and effectively get a quote.

Whilst I was waiting for replies from them I organised the call sheet for a shoot we were doing tomorrow for Deloitte. Deloitte are the biggest client of RedShark, giving them over 50% of there jobs in year, Deloitte are one of those companies that you never really hear about but are behind some of the biggest companies in the world. They manage the accounts and consult many of the worlds biggest companies so are a very important client to RedShark. A call sheet is a sheet for a shoot that has the details for everyone involved and the schedule for the shoot so that on the day everything goes smoothly. Whilst I was doing this we had received an e-mail from Deloitte saying that the international shoots that I had been organising earlier were to be cancelled. This meant that anyone who had got back to me then had to be informed that the client was no longer going ahead with the shoot but they would be kept on record in case they could help with any further shoots.