Revised CV

Sean MAitland
  37 King Richard Street  |  Coventry CV2 4FU  |  07810 495695  |
I am currently a media production student with good technical knowledge including using: video cameras, digital cameras, sound recording equipment, radio studios, video, image and sound editing programs and lighting rigs. Past projects I have been involved in have helped me demonstrate my ability to be organised and efficient and create an effective final product that conveys the emotion and meaning intended. A lot of my work at university has required me to work in a large team but still get my ideas and feedback across; this has developed my ability to work efficiently with a team.


Skills Profile
At all of levels of my education I have developed experience in editing software from iMovie to Adobe Premiere Pro and have used various types of equipment from an amateur level to a more professional level. While at university I have developed skills in a more professional way of producing media which I feel can be easily transferred to the any part of the industry. I am part of the student radio team, (SOURCE Radio), as a presenter of a weekly show. This has given me experience in a live radio situation, which, as I have learnt is very different to pre-recorded media as you have to be consistently alert and ready.

Equipment I have experience in:


–   Nikon D80/D90

–   Marantz PMD 660

–   Edirol R05/09

–   Sony HVR-Z1E

–   Sony HVR-Z5

–   TV studio Equipment (Cameras, Talkback, Vision Mixer)

–   Various Microphones

–   Various Lighting equipment including Dedo lights and LED panels



Software I have experience in:


–   Adobe Audition CS5

–   Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

–   Adobe Photoshop CS5

–   Adobe After Effects CS5

–   Celtx

–   Final Cut Pro




Work Experience



As part of a two week work experience project I worked with the London based production company RedShark. During this experience I developed many skills in relation to the area of corporate video production including, working with big companies such as Deloitte, assisting on an interview based production, working together with clients to achieve a piece that best serves their purpose and building up contacts with production companies around the world.





Other Projects


I have taken part in various other projects to develop my progression as a media producer including the organization of the filming of a student live music event. This required me to organize all of the equipment and brief the camera men on the day as too what kind of effect we were trying to get from the video.

Another event I have helped in the documenting of is the university ice hockey competition. This gave me excellent experience in sport filming and keeping up with fast paced action on film. The unpredictability of the sport meant I had to be alert and ready at all times to get good and useful images.


Employment History

Thorpe Park – Site Presentations Host April 2009 — Present
Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8PN

As a site presentations host my responsibilities include maintaining the presentation of the park throughout the day. This means working as part of a close team and sometimes delegating jobs within the team.




Educational history

Studying Media Production (BA Hons) – Year 2 September 2010 — Present
Coventry University

Modules include:

–   Short Film Production

–   Formats Production

–   Documentary

–   Script writing

–   Key Concepts in Media

–   Social Media in Business and Leisure (Add+ Vantage Module)

A Levels September 2008 — June 2010
St Paul’s Catholic College, Sunbury-on-Thames

–     Media Studies: C

–     Psychology: C

–     Geography: D

GCSEs September 2006 — June 2008
St Paul’s Catholic College, Sunbury-on-Thames

–     11 GCSEs A – C including B in Media Studies, A in English literature, A in English Language and C in Math’s.

Additional skills

–        An active member and currently training with St Johns Ambulance at Coventry University.



–        With my access to vast amounts of equipment due to being at university I have developed an interest in photography and photo editing. I have a strong interest in music and can play both the drums and guitar. As a media student I have a keen interest in films of all genres and the production techniques used within them. I am currently training to become a St John’s Ambulance first aider.






Online Portfolio –

Flikr Photostream –

Vimeo Channel –

University Blog –
















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