Professional Experience Reflection

This experience as a a whole has taught me many things in relation to how the working world of the media works.

As a team member I think I did well with working with new people in different situations. In the Live @ the square filming I was put with a new group of people who I had not met before and had to organise them as a group of cameramen without knowing there particular skills or strengths. This required confidence in communication as I was being seen as someone to instruct and direct so had to show an element of authority. I feel I did this effectively and was successful in directing the team quickly and with clear instructions.

Working as part of a team at RedShark was entirely different as I was the student and they were the working professionals that I was being instructed by. Whenever possible I would give my input into decisions that were being made, sometimes I would find this difficult however due to the fact I was not confident to give advice on something that I considered to not have any where as much as experience in. Despite this if I mustered up the courage I would say what I thought and sometimes I was even right and had my opion taken on board. This was probably due to the fact that they are such a small team only consisting of two people, I imagine in a larger company it would be much harder to get an opinion or idea across.

Unfortunately due to the sensitive nature of some of RedSharks clients and many projects being in the editing stages I am not able to show much of the work that I participated in but here are a couple of the IATE videos that I edited and built titles for:

Here are a couple of the edits from the Live @ the square performances:

I feel that I developed many things in this experience from personal skills to technological skills. My organisational skills are much more professional as a whole and much more applicable to real life industry situations. I think I have the skills required within my field or have the ability to develop them. By this I mean I think I have the technological skills required but perhaps need to extend my communication and people skills to make sure I get as far as I can within my chosen field.


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