RedShark: Summary

I really enjoyed my entire time at RedShark and think I got some really valuable experience, skills and contacts from the placement. I increased my technological skills on many levels from equipment to software. I am now much more comfortable using Final Cut as a video editor, something that a few months ago I would not have thought due to my reliance on Adobe Premiere Pro as my preffered editing program. I have realised how much more professional it is as a programme and how it can make it easier to edit once you have taken the time to properly learn it. My new knowledge of Adobe After Effects is probably the most important and useful thing I have learnt, knowing how to use simple graphics and motion in a video will improve many of my future projects and possibly improve some old ones that could do with a re-edit. Equipment wise I have found that LED panels are much better to use for lighting a single subject in an interview situation and the importance of checking equipment before a shoot so that you have everything you need and wont be panicking looking for it on the shoot!

I think this placement has also helped me develop my organisational skills as well as my technical ones. When I had to be e-mailing about 8 or 9 different companies to organise shoots around the world I had to keep track of each contact and at what point in the negotiations I was at with them. I feel I did this well and managed to achieve what I wanted to.

I really enjoyed my time at RedShark and would definitely like to get some more experience with them if they have anything to offer me.


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