RedShark: Day 10

Today was my last day with RedShark and it wasn’t a very busy day, I started by continuing with the printing of the DVDs and left that in the background whilst I did something much more fun! Russ had bought some foam to go inside one of the cases that holds one of the LED light panels so that it was held in tight and wouldn’t get broken in transit. This meant some precise measurements and precise cutting from me and I did quite a good job if I do say myself! I did a few other bits and bobs throughout the day between sorting out the  DVDs such as ringing up equipment service companies to sort out some equipment for a couple of shoots in the next week and sending a few e-mails. Apart from this there wasn’t much else to do on my last day so I thanked them for the experience left them some lovely  posh chocolates and went on my way!


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