RedShark: Day 9

I started today by deleting the original IATE videos off of the vimeo page so that I could upload the new ones with the alterations for Margot to see. I then set about the absolutely fantastic task of printing the DVDs for the University of Kent… in case you can’t tell I’m being sarcastic, this is a long boring tedious task but once again something that must be done. Every year RedShark films the University of Kent’s Graduation ceremonies to put of DVDs to sell to the students. This means about 650 DVDs need to be printed with the image and date for all the ceremonies in July, this involves the use of probably the oldest machine ever built, RedSharks ancient DVD printer! Well its about 10 years old which these day for technology is pretty old! Anyway I had to make a template image for each ceremony, about 13 of them and then put them into the DVD printing programme and print about 50 for each one. This takes a very long time and about 60 is needed for each batch due to the fact that about 10 will be misaligned in each lot.

Whilst I was waiting for those to print I was still fine tuning the trailer for the film The Mirror. Russ recorded a few voice overs for me to put on the trailer so that it had a bit more structure to it and seemed less like a random collection of images and titles! Once I had done this I exported it and put it up on vimeo for the client to see.


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