RedShark: Day 8

I had received some feedback from Margot about the IATE child psychology videos I had edited for her, so my morning was spent making these small changes to each of the videos so that they had the effect she wanted. Some of the changes she wanted were not able to be made so I made a list of the changes I had made and the ones that I was unable to make and e-mailed her. A few days ago I was e-mailing camera crews around the world to film interviews for Deloitte until they decided to not go ahead with the shoots, since then a couple more crews had got back to me from Singapore. I had to e-mail them to let them know about the cancellation of the shoots but thank them for getting back to me.

The main thing I had to do today was to create some titles to put in the trailer for The Mirror, I would be using the tag line given to me in an e-mail which included a short medium and long synopsis of the film “From Director Francis Poltera, A Psychological Faerytale, Dare You Look Into It?” For this I used Adobe After Effects so that the text could be animated in an interesting and professional way. I took quite a long time over this, making the text come forwards and explode off screen, I added some blur effects and space like effects to give the whole piece a good depth of field feel. I was very proud of these titles as they gave the entire trailer a much more professional feel and it developed my knowledge of After Effects further opening up even more opportunities for me to use it in my later work. We discussed how we would do the voice over for tomorrow and which version of the synopsis we would use to give the trailer more structure.


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