RedShark: Day 7

Today was a very important day, nothing to do with my placement, it was my birthday! Unfortunately this did not stop the fact that I had to be in an hour earlier than normal for the shoot at Deloitte. As I explained yesterday Deloitte are a very large company that are very important clients to RedShark and provide a large quantity of their work. We started the day by getting all the equipment to the location which was an interesting experience, especially when it came to getting it all the equipment in the back of the taxi with three of us! Helping us with the sound was Alex who was one of RedSharks many freelancers that they have for various parts of jobs, these range from sound engineers to editors and lighting specialists.

We arrived at location and I was instantly impressed with the size of the buildings, I wondered which of these were Deloitte’s and then it turned out they all were! We met our contact Suzy in the reception of one of the buildings and she showed us to the first room we would be filming in. The room was quite small but we managed to find a good camera angle and sorted out the lighting for our first interview. Something I had learnt in the lighting of these interviews and the ones done at the ESU is that rather than using traditional 3 point lighting they used one or two LED panels to light the subject. These seemed to work with a lot more ease than the traditional 3 lights I had been used to. We only had one interview in this room and then had the other 6 or 7 in another room in the 10th floor of one of the other buildings. This room was much bigger and allowed much more room for different angles to give some variations to the videos.

This whole experience was a good opportunity to see how the industry interacts with a much larger corporations in other industries. I saw how set ups could be quickly set  up and taken down efficiently to get as much done as quickly as possible, also the interactions and instruction given to the interviewees was very good experience to me in how to deal with and direct people you are filming.


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