RedShark: Day 5

Today was my first experience of a shoot with RedShark. When I got to the location, which was near The Ritz and Mayfair, my first thought was, wow, I hope I don’t smash anything. The building contained many an expensive painting and chandelier reflecting the wealth of the area. When I got there they had already started setting up and it was just a matter of connecting the correct cables  the the sound mixer and making sure that the cables were out of the way and taped down. After a quick coffee run the first debates were ready to begin, the first debate we were filming was between the school national champions of England Vs the school national champions from Scotland.  For the schools debates my role was to operate the boom during the audience questions sections at the end of the debates where the audience make comments on what has been said and ask questions to be addressed in their summary speeches. My main aim here was to not hit the expensive chandeliers hanging precariously on the ceiling, unfortunately I was concentrating so hard on this I forgot to take into account the small boy sitting behind me, who I may have hit in the face…but I dealt with this in a very professional manor apologising to him as soon as the debate ended. After some posh sandwiches and tea it was time for the university finals. For this debate I was given the responsibility monitoring the levels of each of the microphones at the front making sure that everyone is heard correctly.  This was a relatively easy task but one that if done wrong would be a huge problem at the editing stage. Once the university finals were done we had just one more thing to do, do a couple of interviews with various members of the ESU to get a little background on the event and what they do to help the event.

This whole day was great as an experience of a professional shoot and dealing with client requirements in a proper and professional way. I saw how they set up cameras properly and how they back up the footage to ensure it is always available. Any problems were dealt with as they could be at the time in a quick and efficient way, when we were unsure what the client wanted at any point we would clarify it before going any further so that they are getting exactly what they want. This also taught me that even on a long day where the content is not as exciting as other things you have to keep you attention focussed!


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