RedShark: Day 1

RedShark are a London based production company that have been running for 10 years and produce mostly corprate videos for clients all around the world. Here is a link to their website with some examples of the work they have done:

So today I began my two weeks of work with them and was straight on with some editing for a client, the IATE (the Institute for Art in Therapy and Education). The videos were of two child psychologists, Denise and Margot, demonstrating different techniques to use when playing with small children to help their development. Some of the videos had been partly edited already so my job was to finish these and start editing the rest of them, overall there was 17 2-3 minute videos to be made. With each one I had to intercut the video of one of the psychologists talking about a technique with videos of them demonstrating the techniques with the children. This was a very good start to the experience for me as I am quite comfortable with editing software although I had never really used Final Cut that much as I have only ever owned Adobe Premiere Pro. This was quite a simple task of essentially cutting and moving of the clips with the challenge being in the selection of the clips to use and when.

I feel developed my editing skills well and got a good experience of using Final Cut which is much more widely used within the professional media world than other programmes I have used before. When people ask me what I want to be when I leave uni I often say an editor because it is something that I have enjoyed quite a lot during my various projects, this experience showed me what it would actually be like to be a professional editor, long and tedious! When it comes to editing videos of the less exciting type the editing process can become very long and repetitive meaning your interest can fade during the day but nevertheless I still enjoyed it and it definitely hasn’t deterred me from considering it as a career option.


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