Short Film Evaluation – FOR ASSESSMENT

After 10 long weeks we have finally finished our short film and I am very happy with the final edit. I think it is a testament too how much we, as media producers, have developed, technically and organisationally. We almost done everything without a hitch from planning to filming. This is of course ignoring the beginning where we had to scrap our original idea for a simpler one. This was a decision we are all glad we made and not one I feel we would have had the confidence to make last year, to scrap everything we had done and start again considering the research and development I personally had out towards it as you can read here. But anyway here is the rough cut and final cut so you can see the “polished turd”.

38498131 – Rough Cut

38917297 – Final Cut

As you can see not a huge amount was changed but I feel the things that were changed made a massive impact. The sound is a lot more consistent throughout, keeping it looking and sounding professional. Some shot were taken out on the basis that I believe less is sometimes more, some of the shots were unnecessary  such as the close-up of the cigarette tapping on the table, as all it did was momentarily distract from the script which only tore the audience out from the film. Through some meticulous sound editing I managed to lip-sync most of the sound from one shot to other clips so that the levels were consistent all the way through which gave it a much more professional feel than before where the sound levels were jumping all over the place and the speech was not as consistent.

As well as the film being better than anything I produced last year I think as a group we demonstrated clearly how much we have learnt over the last year. The organisation was so much better, last year we would never have thought of using a shooting schedule, detailed storyboards, monitor, etc. Things like using professional actors was never even considered last year and it made such a big impact this time around, one of our actors is even in a recently aired Visa Olympic advert with Usian Bolt!

I think I have developed as a person during this process as well, it has helped me be more organised and more constructive with my time. I believe I gave everything I could towards this project all of the way through from the initial planning stages to the final bits of editing. Although I was pinpointed as the editor at the start of the project I gave myself various roles at the planning and shooting stages such as assistant director, director of photography as well helping with the lighting and getting one of the actors. When it came to the editing I learnt quite a lot such as using Adobe After Effects, which I had never used in a production before, and extended my knowledge of sound mixing further.

I believe this film could go further, with a few more tweaks here and there we will definitely be looking at entering it for a festival. I would have to say this is my proudest piece of work, I have spent hours overall editing it, looking for any little imperfections, I must have seen the entire film at least 50 times and there will always be little things I wanted to change but couldn’t due to time or the inability to re-shoot. Overall the reception from our peers about our film was good, because of the way we changed the end we got a much better laugh out of them and overall came second in a vote of the best film out of the 10, which I am very proud of.


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