Empathy Documentary – My Day Without Food

So the other day I decided (stupidly) to go an entire 24 hours without food to see how it made me feel and to see if I could show empathy towards those who have less than we do. Here’s how I got on:


As you can see from that it was quite hard. It almost seems ridiculous that even at only 2:00 I was absolutely starving but I think because I consciously knew that I wasn’t allowed to eat this made me even more hungry. Throughout the day I felt sick, annoyed and generally grumpy, it wasn’t a nice experience and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone! But obviously it did make me think about those less fortunate than us (I know a little cliché but its true), the moment I wake up I get something to eat, I don’t really think about it I just do it I mean I’m hungry so I eat, it seems so simple. But what if I didn’t have that option? What if when I woke up my first priority was simply to find some water that wouldn’t kill me, or to go to work so that I can earn enough for the rest of my family to eat a simply one thing that week.

Even after a matter of hours I felt sick and and stomach pains and I couldn’t help but think how pathetic that was, that I couldn’t go a few hours without food! When I was doing a lot of my friends kept saying to me, “oh I could do that!” and things like “I do that all the time!” but I don’t think any of them really think about going an entire 24 hours without a single thing to eat. It was so much harder than I first thought it was going to be, I don’t think I really looked at it properly and imagined what it would it would be like. I guess I thought id be really hungry but I actually spent a lot of time in physical pain, not helped by the copious amounts of food around me throughout the day.

Just looking at this graph you cans see how many people have to deal with that type of pain every day of their lives, 642 million people in Asia and the pacific alone. We really have to think about how lucky we are in this country and in this society where we are surrounded by food and have the opportunity to food pretty much whenever we want. Even as students we are constantly moaning we don’t have enough money for food and that were always hungry but I guess we just have to think, are we actually hungry? Next time you say your starving, actually think about it your not, your just a little peckish to be honest.


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