WHODUNIT? Rough Cut Feedback

Today we showed our rough cut to the rest of the year and received some feedback on it.

Some positive points included:

  • Good use of tension
  • Good humour
  • The actors portrayed the characters well and believable
  • The camera work was done well

Most of the suggested improvements were very shot specific such as shots being to long or unnecessary. A lot of people commented on the audio, that it had varying levels and could do with some more background noise to add to the tension in the silent. Basically it could do with polishing off, hopefully enough to win the coveted Steve Dawkins golden turd prize!

I don’t think any major changes need to be made to the rough cut that will drastically change the film, just fiddly bits like changing levels and the length of clips. Overall I am happy with the feedback that we received and it was expected. The negative points were almost all things I had already thought about and knew need to be adjusted.


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