Empathy Documentary Ideas

I’ve already had some ideas for this task which you you can have a look at here but for several reasons these ideas are not able to materialize so I’ve had to come up with something else. I’ve kept along with the theme of what I couldn’t live without but gone for something a little bit more extreme, a whole day WITHOUT EATING!

As a student I’m sure you think that I’m used to just not eating but unlike a lot of other students I like to try and make sure I have 3 solid meals a day including a little thing called breakfast which I’m sure a lot of students have never heard of. When I wake up my first thought is food,  I wake up and I’m starving and will go looking for any food I can find. Due to a recent lack of money I have even been eating Austerity sandwiches (a sandwich with the filling of toast, made popular by the student beans website in this article) which shows that I will do anything to get a substantial meal in me.

I believe that this project will help me understand the plight of hundreds of people, in this country and others around the world. Obviously only very very marginally but still I think it will help me reflect on the luxuries I take for granted everyday. Even though I dot eat a large amount of food and still sort of struggle to get enough food in me everyday, I have food all around me that I can have access to if I really need it whereas in other less developed countries they don’t even have the option to steal food let alone own it.

I will make a few rules for myself over the course of the 24 hours:

  • It will start at 00:00am Saturday morning and end on 11:59 Saturday evening
  • I will only be able to consume water throughout the day
  • I cannot deviate from my normal daily plans to avoid food or temptation


I believe that with these rules I will accurately be able to experience an entire day without food. It will be very interesting to see if I can even do it because the more I think about it the more implausible it seems, I get hungry quite often, probably more often than a normal person (considering my size).


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