Short Film Shooting and Editing – FOR ASSESSMENT

We have now shot and got a rough edit for the short film “WHODUNIT?”. The shooting went pretty much as smoothly as it could due to the large amount of preparation that had happened before the day. All the props had been acquired and actors knew when and where to be, there was a shooting schedule and the lighting had already been planned. We had all learnt a lot from our experience with filming last year where we turned up on the day with only a script and no professional actors, we simply shot according to the script meaning that we were basically blagging it as we went along without any kind of plan, here was the end result of that project:

This time we made sure we had thought of everything from the moment we had a finalised script; we used professional casting websites to get our actors and wrote a list of props and equipment to get before shooting which was divided equally between the crew. When we were at the location we had a very clear idea of what shots we wanted and how we wanted them to look. The entire day as a whole started at around 9 and was finished by about 3, as filming goes this was a very short day. Now usually if filming is this quick you would have to assume we missed something and when we finished I did have to keep looking at the script and shooting schedule to double and triple check that everything had indeed been done but no matter how much I checked I couldn’t find anything we missed.

This only issue we really came across was the lighting conditions as we blacked out the windows so that no natural light was seen and so we could have complete control over the light. This meant that every shadow was seen and would have to be counteracted to make it look as professional as possible. I’m happy with the footage we got from the shoot, it’s definitely the most professional looking piece I have filmed to this day.

As the head of editing it is up to me to make something people will actually want to watch out of the footage rather than just lots of shots put together in an order that makes sense. I have put together a rough cut to show the rest of our year on Thursday to receive some  feedback and helpful suggestions for the film. As far as the images are concerned most of the shots are good and consistent with the light however a couple of the close-ups look a bit more warm than the others meaning that they take away from the film and need to be colour corrected before the final edit.

A lot of film makers will say that sound is more important that sound when it comes to producing an effective piece of media and I agree with them. I have mostly just put together the images in the order they need to be in for this rough cut but almost all my time after the rough cut viewing will be spent on making the sound as consistent and professional as possible. Luckily for us our main actor playing the role of DCI Scott was very professional with his performance and consistent throughout meaning using audio from other shots is easy to sync and keeps the continuity of the audio. Here is the rough edit we have for now:

Overall I am very happy with the shooting and rough edit. It shows how much we have developed as media producers over the last year. We were much more efficient in every way when it came to the shooting day, everyone knew their roles and what to do so there wasn’t very much “what do you want me to do?” or people standing around doing nothing when there was things to be done. I look forward to the feedback of the rest of the year and their suggestions on how to advance this production further.


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