Varsity Ice Hockey Filming

As part of the annual varsity Coventry were to face Warwick in ice hockey, an event that historically gets one of the biggest crowds out of all the varsity events. I volunteered to help with the filming of the event for source TV, I was part of a team of about 3 people that were filming the event from different angles around the stadium. One of the brilliant benefits of being apart of this event was getting unbelievable seats in the “Champions Box” up in the far right corner where we set up the camera. My camera was the action camera that would be getting all the close-ups of the players during the game, this meant paying attention to the game throughout and making sure I kept on the action, capturing any goals, tackles, fouls, etc.

This was something very different which I had never done before, sport filming. I’ve always had a bit of interest in sport photography but never really explored it much as a hobby. I enjoyed it quite a lot as unlike filming short films and documentaries you don’t really know what’s going to happen and you never have to just sit there with the camera stationary. I definitely developed my ability to zoom and focus quickly to keep up with the action which is something which is important in any area of filming so something I can use in all aspects of my work.


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