Flash Mob Task

Today we were tasked with performing some kind of a flash mob in the streets of Coventry. Now the term flash mob is actually a lot more broad than it may first seem, I, like most people instantly thought of large dancing troupes full of professional performers giving it their all to surprise and impress the public and wasn’t too happy about the idea of doing one. But as we learnt more about it we saw that the term simply meant some kind of public display that would get attention from everyone who saw it. A few ideas were thrown around such as instant sunbathing (which would have been a little on the chilly side), acting like children and a huge conga. After much deliberation an idea that a few different groups had actually thought of was picked, make-up a fake celebrity and see if we can attract public attention with an outdoor interview with fake press. Our celebrities were AUDIOCHEQUE!

We started to start a very quick advertising campaign for the band including a Facebook page, Youtube channel and even a fake song. Once some quick leaflets and posters had been created we went out to spread the word that Audiocheque were in Coventry, we did this by using all our social media resources available to us to spread the word as quickly as possible. Advertising campaigns from all over the world use social media as a quick way to release information and so we thought this would work the best when it came to getting the word out. We all updated our Facebook status and twitter feeds letting everyone know that Audiocheque would be outside HMV at 2 o,clock. We then set our celebrities on the unsuspecting public to see if we could get some undeserved attention:

As you can see it took a couple of tries but we got some attention and even a couple of people asking for autographs. People saw cameras and bodyguards and clearly couldn’t help themselves and had to come have a look. In some ways it shows how fickle people when it comes to celebrities, even if they don’t know who they are they are desperate to glorify them. This could explain the influx of talentless celebrities over the last 5 years or so that are simply famous because they are famous. The public desperation for celebrity is almost pathetic and kind of makes you worry about the general public and where we are headed, I’m just being massively pessimistic for the fuck of it but you get the point.

Overall I think our flash mob actually went pretty good, when we started it I kept thinking “this is never going to work …no one will think there celebrities” but when it actually came down to it we definitely convinced a few people. I’m not saying we had flocks of people coming at us screaming “AUDIOCHEQUE HAVE MY BABIES!” but for the time we had we did pretty well if I do say so myself.


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