Live @ The Square Live Music Filming

So last night was Live @ the square, an entirely student run live music event at the students union. I volunteered to help in the filming of the event and organise the equipment for this part of the event. My responsibilities were to assist in the overall planning of the filming (camera angles, set-up, etc) and to organise the movement of the equipment to and from the event. I also was the crane operator on the night due to the fact that I was the only person involved in the filming who had been trained to use it properly. The set-up of all the equipment went well and we decided on each of the camera angles and position for each static camera fairly quickly but then hit a small problem, the memory packs that are used to record the footage on to them where not connecting correctly to the cameras meaning without tapes we had no way of actually recording the footage! After a quick rush around enough tapes were pulled together so that we were ready for filming. The actual filming went well with all the camera men knowing what they were doing and getting some good shots, unfortunately the lighting set-up for the event meant that the acts were often in very dark areas that did not get picked up well on the cameras.

Here is the edit of one of the songs from the night:

The actual experience was different to any kind of filming I had done before, I have filmed a music video before but nothing that involved live performances. It kept me on my toes and my mind working thinking of the best shot I could get. One problem with the crane was that it was very hard to see how the shots were coming out so therefore sometimes hard to frame and keep the shots in focus. As you can see from the video there was a few problems with the smoothness of the track meaning some of the shots were a little bumpy, this is something we should have smoothed out before (no pun intended). I enjoyed the experience quite a lot and its definetly something that I would do again given the chance, there would be a few things I would change though. I would take control of the lighting myself rather than leaving it to someone else so that I could be sure it would look good on camera. there was also some issues with recording the sound causing problems in the editing stages so this is something else I would make sure was sorted out myself rather than leaving to someone else.


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