New Short Film Idea: Whodunit? – FOR ASSESSMENT

After a lot of switching and changing ideas to do with our original script we have now decided to do an entirely new script. There are many ideas floating around some more formed than others and some more feasible than others. The idea is one that me and Dean actually wrote in a couple of hours after developing one of his earlier ideas. A download of the script is here.

The script is based around a typical interrogation scene with two investigators and one suspect, the whole piece is building up to the reveal of the suspect. It is relying on the preconceptions of the audience as to the identity of the suspect and how they expect them to look. As it is a short film however people will be expecting the unexpected so will be looking to guess the twist at the end which reveals the suspect as something unexpected, many people may guess a child or elderly person but I don’t think people will expect the puppet.

Puppets are widely regarded as cute innocent children’s toys. We are definitely trying to play on the cute factor in this piece so that after you laugh you you let out a little “awww” and if you don’t then you are heartless! I have looked at some other sketches that use police interrogation as a basis and have found some quite funny trends.

Both of these sketches play on the idea that the police are corrupt and will use underhand tactics to frame someone and get a fake confession out of them. In someway we could write this into our script by maybe have them offer him a deal or maybe stopping the tape to say something “off the books”. However we aren’t going for outright comedy, although the final reaction will hopefully be laughter, we won’t really be trying to make the audience laugh till the end.


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