Documentary: What Couldn’t I Live Without?

We have been given a documentary task with the subject of empathy:

“The capacity to recognize and, to some extent, share feelings (such as sadness or happiness) that are being experienced by another sentient or semi-sentient being.”

So to truly experience empathy for another person you must experience their life, we have been told to live as someone else does. This could mean with a disability or without something we take for granted such as, food, water, the ability to walk, see, hear or maybe even the luxuries we have such as a roof or technology. I have a few ideas for this project all of which I think would be very affective.

As a media student I consider my sight to be one of my most important senses, if not the most important. Without it I couldn’t look at photographs, film or art, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate any of the visual arts which are a huge part of my life. If I went one day without it maybe I might be able to have even the smallest understanding as to what the blind go through everyday.

My next idea is something that I think my generation has become reliant on, and is possibly deteriorating our human interaction. I think it would be really interesting to go a whole day without the use of my laptop. I’m not saying that there not useful but I do think we use them too much, me included. Almost 100% of my university work is done on a laptop or computer, I cannot think of a single day since I have owned one that I haven’t used it. It, like many other people my age would agree, is kind of my life. This kind of makes me sad. Although it is what I do all my work on, I’d also say it is the most distracting thing that keeps me from my work and helps me procrastinate for hours. A day without it would probably do me some good.

My third idea is one that I think would definitely be the hardest but the most interesting, to live an entire day as a busker. I can play the guitar and ukulele to a beginner to intermediate degree and know a fair few songs, I have a friend or two who would have no problem helping out with a little singing so it is definitely feasible but what if I only lived off what was given to me by the public? Especially at this time of year as well where it has been snowing and is freezing outside it must be horrible to be living under a roof without heating or hot water. The only way anyone could truly empathise with that situation is surely to put themselves through it. 


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