Make Up advert Remix

As part of my campaign against the the fake world of the make-up industry I have created these two posters from original Maybelline adverts to subvert the message against the make-up industry.

In the first picture the message I have added says “Because you cant take Photoshop everywhere”  suggesting that to look like the girl in the picture you would have to be photoshopped all the time, which you would because she doesn’t have a single line on her face, I don’t mean wrinkles I mean normal lines that every human being has!

The second image plays on the slogan “Maybe it Maybelline”  by adding the message “Maybe its Photoshop”. The original slogan is “maybe she’s born with it, maybe its Maybelline” which to me, is in its self a ridiculous thing to say. It basically says you could be born with good looks but as your probably not there’s Maybelline to make you look nice which is an awful thing to tell young women. It follows the theme of a lot of make-up advertising by making women feel that their looks are inadequate and not beautiful so they better buy the product so people don’t think their ugly.

As you can see the changes I made are small but I think that the effect is good. They continue the theme of the idea that models only look good in make-up adverts because of Photoshop and therefore put on loads of make-up to try and imitate them. Just by looking at the two pictures above you can see they are massively edited to the point where the girls are not real people, simply plastic shells.

Overall I think both these images demonstrate clearly the message I have been trying to get across that women should’t aspire to be the models in these adverts as they aren’t real! They are simply over edited pictures and nothing more.


3 thoughts on “Make Up advert Remix

  1. Are you just annoyed that these ‘perfect’ women don’t exist or are you a firm believer than no women should wear make up?
    Make up and cosmetics empowers women and men, it gives them more confidence.
    I don’t think Maybelline, I believe that it is the whole of society in general. It could go back to the golden era of Hollywood where women were only seen as sex objects and if Hollywood says you need to look fabulous to get anywhere in life then thats what people will believe.
    Also I am only commenting because I am sure it said somewhere that I had to 🙂

    • I don’t believe that woman should not wear make-up I simply think that they should not aspire to be the models they see on adverts as it is unrealistic and at the end of the day not attractive.

      Do we have to comment on other peoples stuff… shit

      • Well thats good to know, Mr Maitland. However I think I just made that up in my head and had a look and from what I could see it was about the photography module I took ha.

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