Short Film Final Idea Outline – What’s Up?

After having some feedback on some script ideas I have settled on a final idea to put forward:

The short comprises of 3 1 minute stories,

Two business men leave a coffee shop talking, they walk down a street passing various different types of people. As they continue down the street one of the men casually throws some change down to a homeless busker sitting on the street.

A girl is having an argument with her boyfriend, she pushes him away and storms off, crying and up set she keeps looking back and shouting, she passes two well dressed business men. Further down the street she gets to the coffee shop where she stops outside and sits at one of the tables.

A homeless man is busking on the street, all he has is a ripped hat to collect the money, two business men are walking towards him, one of them throws his loose change into the man’s hat. He pauses for a moment and then looks at how much he has given him, while he is doing this a crying girl storms past. The homeless man picks up his money and hat and walks towards the coffee shop where he sees a crying girl alone outside, he goes into the coffee shop and buys a drink and sits opposite her. He pushes it towards her and says “what’s wrong?”.

I intend for each story to only have one shot and the only edits to be when a new story begins. Logistically this might be quite hard but I only see this as a challenge and think that it would give the whole piece a good effect. There would be no sound from the actual scenes instead a quiet slow soundtrack over the top, possibly a piano, guitar or ukulele.


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