Anti-Airbrushing Campaign

As part of my creative activism against airbrushing of models in make-up adverts I have created a poster demonstrating the kinds of messages that those adverts are sending to young women.


I feel that this poster accurately depicts the messages put forward by the make-up industry, the faded words are those that should be heard but are overpowered by the huge message of “YOU NEED THIS MAKE-UP” put forward by the industries. The idea is that they are selling a product that is not necessarily needed to a public that have been convinced they need it by the unrealistic and modified  images used in the adverts. The girls face is cracked to show the plastic and fake effect that the make-up is causing, taking away from natural beauty. Rather than girls wanting to buy the make-up to make themselves better looking they are being told by adverts that they NEED their products rather than simply wanting them.


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