TV Studio: The Edit and Final Piece

Now that all the filming was done it was time to get down to the fiddly business of editing it all together. The studio parts which made up most of the show simply required finding the best take and adding some titles as all of the choosing of the cameras is done in the gallery as a live recording. The hard bit was going to be the outside VT which had three different cameras that all had to match up to the same edit and stay synced. Three of us were on the editing team including the director to make sure that we didn’t miss anything out or cut out bits that are important to the show. The actual cutting of the footage, including the outside VT, didn’t take much time at all, it was almost as simple as putting the shots in order from beginning to end. There were however some issues with the titles which did have to be re-done in the end causing a lot of time delays. Another problem was finding music that would fit the show appropriately without sounding too cheesy. We didn’t have any original recorded material to use so solely relied on royalty free music websites for titles and background music on the VT’s. It took 3 of us hours and hours of time sat at a computer making sure everything fitted perfectly.

So here is the final product!

Overall I am happy with the final product, there were some hurdles along the way but we got there in the end. The gunging looked particularly professional due to some very dramatic lighting and close-up camera shots. I think the show maintains a pace throughout, keeping the audience interested with music and constantly changing camera angles. There is a constant theme during the entire show of the logo and font used which gives the whole show a solid recurring idea. As a team I think we worked really well and showed brilliant teamwork throughout, everyone knew their role and was comfortable in it meaning all the work could be done efficiently and to the best of everyone’s ability.




I believe that this format could work in any country and would be able to be sold around the world. The show is based on the age old question of who is better? men or women? This debate is happening all around the world all the time, it is something that everyone can relate to. Wives and husbands are always challenging each other at simple games of skill and of mental strength to see who is better, and that is why they would watch this show, to support and hopefully back-up their side of the argument. The idea is that it will involve a lot of audience participation so that it almost feels as if it is the nations men battling the nations women. This type of interaction will make the programme to appeal to everyone no matter what there age or social class.


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