Radio Show: Script

Now that we have a solid idea and research to back it up we have written a first script. Including some interviews we have planned with various specialists around Coventry.

  • Quick coming up feature, teasers
  • Debate over origins of Coventry’s name
  • Good section including, famous people from Coventry, and the industries that Coventry helped start
  • Interview with someone from the transport museum
  • Bad section including the blitz, the origins of the gunpowder plot and sent to Coventry
  • Interview with someone from the church where the royalists were held during the civil war
  • Ugly section including the story of the origins of Alice in wonderland and Scotland using Coventry’s men in the war
  • End of show

This script is just a basic starting point which can obviously change depending on interviews and other information we find out during our research. I am the editor in my group and so will have to find the related sounds and background music to use during the show such as battle noises, songs, car noises and anything else related to the script . I am happy with this structure of the script as it brakes up the show so it does not get boring and tedious. If the show is in sections it wont sound like one long dreary show which the audience can get bored of and loose the original idea of the show.


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