Radio Show: Recordings

We have now recorded all of the interviews and the presenter parts in the studio. It all went very smoothly and all of our interviewees said a lot of interesting and relevant information which will work perfectly with the show. The equipment we used (edirol RO5) worked perfectly in all the interviews and didn’t pick up all the background noise which would have ruined the show. For the studio recording the script had undergone a few revisions but we had a good final script for this final recording:

Welcome to History Mystery!  Today’s show we investigate ‘Undiscovered Coventry the good, the bad, and the ugly.’

– Theme tune come in

Coming up on today’s show:
> The Police leave Coventry
> Mice in the Cathedral
> And a questioning caterpillar ‘Whoo are youu?’
> And a special exclusive just for you listeners out there.

– Theme tune come up (roughly 3secs)

Do you know how Coventry got it’s name? * …Well in fact* nobody knows, but everyone has a different idea.

– Clips of when we proposed this question to our experts

Our ideas yet again are different. Victoria what do you think?

– Victoria’s idea – My theory comes from the idea of the word being split up, ‘Conven’ meaning ‘Convent’ and ‘Tre’ the Celtic word meaning settlement or town. This gave birth to Convent Town, which later became Coventry.
– My idea – Interesting as my idea actually comes from the Goddess of water ‘Coventina’, this is because the grounds that Coventry evolved from were known for being plentiful in drinking water and in fish!

I Guess it’s just one of those…Both say History Mysteries.

– Soundscape of Sting song, motors, and cathedral music.

Everyone knows this song,* do you recognise the lead singer?…*…Of course you do, but did you know the lead singer of the Police ‘Sting’ was actually born and bred in Coventry, along with….

– Industry sounds

Coventry launched some essential industries including wool, ribbons and other textiles. However the motor industry proved the most pinnacle to Coventry trade.

We spoke to Steve about the importance of the motor industry to the development of Coventry.

– Interview from transport museum

– Cathedral music

The cathedral is just one of the three spires that marks the city of Coventry.* In 1990 Queen Elizabeth the 2nd visited, and clearly nervous in her presence the host had made the mistake of spelling her name wrong. The Queen as lovely as portrayed didn’t bat an eyelid and signed her name correctly which can still be seen today on the cathedral wall.
*….As with most history, along with the highs comes the crashing lows.

– Soundscape of the bad, bombs, fire, and prison bars.

As everyone knows Coventry was blitzed! It was the 3rd worst bombed city in the country.
This brought the city to it’s knees but forced it to literally rise from the ashes.* To represent the regeneration, a phoenix was added to the Coventry shield, which continues to share this space with the elephant, and the mountain lion.

– Battle sounds

This wasn’t the only war that Coventry faced;* the civil war during 1861-1865 was instrumental in the creation of the phrase* ‘Sent to Coventry.’

– Interview explains.

– Fireworks and fire sounds.

A lot people know the story of the 5th November and it’s star Guy Fawkes, but not many people know that the parliament participants originated from Coventry. *This day in history has gone from tragedy to celebration. The country now illuminates the skies with bold and beautiful fireworks.

….and like they say, when it rains, it pours!

– Soundscape of ugly, Alice in Wonderland tune and battle noises.

The famous author known as Lewis Carroll but born as Charles Lutwidge Dodgson who wrote the wild and wonderful fairytale ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was sent to Coventry,* as his relationship with the inspiration of the character Alice, deemed too much.

– Battle noises

During the war, times were hard for all young recruits, but Coventry was hit slightly harder when Scotland came down to recruit the boys. In remembrance of the sacrifices they made Coventry cathedral proudly displays the Scottish flag.

– Theme tune

As we promised it’s now times for our exclusive! Drum roll please…* …the cathedral cellars are being cleared out of all the rubble to retrieve any old treasures that may still be down there.

Find out more* next time…* and on that note thanks for tuning in, join us again for another History Mystery.

Now that all of the sound is recorded and the sound effects are downloaded Its just left to me to edit it all together to create the final show!


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