Radio Show: First Idea

Our brief was to create a 5-7 minute radio show for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire with the title, undiscovered Coventry. It took a while but we finally came to the idea of exploring the phrase ‘sent to Coventry’. We thought of a few different items which could make up the show based around the idea of the origins of the phrase and its meaning to different people. One item could be the different reasons why we and other people living in the city came to Coventry, our reasons obviously being for education.

There could be a history element of the show that explores the original meaning of the phrase ‘sent to Coventry’. After some research we have found out that it dates back to the 17th century civil war between the parliamentarians and royalists was the origin of the phrase. Coventry was a parliamentary stronghold and so became the place royalist prisoners were kept, they were imprisoned in a church but allowed to walk around the town. The townsfolk would ignore them and not give them food or drink, hence the meaning of the phrase being to be ignored.

We are were going to explore the different reasons, through history, why people came to, or were sent to Coventry. But after some research and a basic structure we don’t think there is enough material to make a long enough, or varied enough show to capture the audiences attention the entire way through. Because of this I think were going to have a more general history program that covers more of the history of the city as a whole, giving us more material to work with.


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