Radio Show: Editor Role

My main role in my radio show project is editor, this means I do all of the cutting and final putting together of the show. After doing some research I have found out that the role of the editor in a professional setting requires much more than simply the cutting and editing of the show. Edwina Wolstencroft who is an editor on BBC radio 3 talks about the responsibilities of the editor in a professional radio setting in this video on the BBC college of production website.

The Editor Role at the BBC

A typical editor overseas multiple programs at once. The responsibilities of an editor include, setting the editorial direction for the show and the parameters of the show. This means picking the music within the show and the presenters used and the tone and style featured. The show has to not only be coherent in itself but also compliment other shows on the station to the give the whole station a running theme.  An editor runs production meetings where the team review past shows and decide the direction of new and existing features. The skills required for this role are good leadership, motivating to the rest of the team and the ability to give others freedom.

Unlike the editing role in television where it is mainly focused on the cutting and production of the show, radio editors have a lot more responsibility. They are more like a producer as radio shows are mostly sent out live there isn’t as much first hand editing required.


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