Radio Show: Editing

As the editor of the program this was my main part in the production of the show. I used Adobe Audition for this because of my previous experience with Adobe programs and so I felt I would be able to use this program the most efficiently and would get the work done quickly and to the best of my ability. First I went through the script and put the studio parts and interviews in order. I then cut down the interviews to the relevant information and added the sound effects. For each section of the show I built a sound-scape out of sounds that relate to the items that are mentioned in that section, this signalled the different portions of the show and gave good signposts. I used the song from the film the good, the bad and the ugly as a theme throughout the show, which is relates back to the title and as a well-known theme song makes the whole show have more credibility.

Unfortunately I had to cut down most of the interviews because they were very long and full of interesting but not necessarily relevant to the show. Our limit for this show was 5-7 mins and this was a struggle to achieve. Once I had put all the sound effects, music and interviews it totalled almost eight and a half minutes which was far too long. I then had to spend a long time cutting any small gaps out and making all the music and effects ever so much shorter to try and reach the targeted time. I ended up having to be quite harsh with myself about what was needed in the interviews and what wasn’t as important. And here is the trailer and final result!


I am really happy with the final result and it didn’t suffer from cutting it down too much. The show flows quite nicely and I think its very informative and interesting. Over this project I have found out some very interesting history about the city of Coventry which I never knew before. I think we worked well as a team and all took part almost all of the processes involved in the overall production, we all brought ideas to the table and made sure everyone had a say in everything that was done as part of the project. The interviewees were all very enthusiastic and interested in their subject matter which gave the interviews some energy and kept the show upbeat.

We could have improved on this project by getting our idea sorted out much quicker and so began scripting and planning at a much earlier stage. This would have meant that the project as a whole would have been finished quicker and therefore left more time for improvement and development.


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