TV Studio: Outside VT

Our outside VT was a game where our contestants, in their gender teams, answered questions against a clock with the chance to smash an egg over the opposing team captains head. Quite a simple idea but one which we thought, and thankfully was, would be fun, easy and still look professional. The day started a little rocky with a slow set-up and trouble finding contestants, which lead to some hasty and desperate phone calls to make up the numbers! Once the set and cameras were up and contestants and crew knew what was happening we still hadn’t started due to conversations about details taking far to long. But once this was out of the way we could begin filming.

The filming went quite smoothly, all the camera people knew which shots were wanted of them and where they had to be and when to get the desired effect. The contestants seemed to be having a good time with a lot of banter between teams and Ooos and aaahhhs from both sides. The egg smashing seemed like a very good reward as all the contestants relished the chance to smash one as hard and messy as they could. After both teams had gone we were left in a tie-break situation with 2 points each so we quickly came up with a tie break question. Keeping the theme of eggs, the question was, “how long doe it take to boil an ostrich egg?”. The boys were the closest to the correct answer of 90 mins with 20 mins so got to crack the remaining 3 eggs over poor Helena’s head.

I thought the actual filming process went really well and we achieved all of the shots we wanted. When it came to set up and preparation however I feel we could have done more, the lack of contestants and the desperate scramble for them  made everyone worry to the point were we thought one of us would have to step in! Although we had been thinking about this for some time we didnt have any definite yes’s from most people. Next time I would go through a casting process in order to make sure that we had contestants for definite and of a more varied nature.

As my role in the studio is floor manager it changed significantly when outside on location as the director could say what she wanted to contestants and presenters directly rather than through me. I changed to more of a supervisor over the cameramen, making sure they knew what they were doing and that all the equipment was fully functional. I also helped set-up equipment such as the crane as I had done it before and now knew what I was doing. I made sure that just because we weren’t in the studio that I would not simply step back and say “well my role isn’t important out on location” but to give myself a knew role to make sure all of the filming went smoothly to achieve the shots we were looking for.


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