TV Studio: Inside VT

Our second VT was an inside game that will actually be shown before our outside VT. Once again it involved our presenters being covered in food they they’d rather they were eating. This one was a simple game of darts with a couple of twists, firstly the presenters were blindfolded and for every dart that didn’t score a different substance would be thrown over them, firstly beans, then flour and finally feathers. For this challenge there no contestants but we did have two helpers to help the presenters with picking up the darts and with putting the blindfold. The Girls won this challenge by quite a big margin meaning Dean got a lot of Beans, flour and feathers chucked all over him!

The set-up for this VT took sometime as we had to put the set together properly for the first time which included building the stand for the dart board and attaching the board to it. This took sometime as we ha no power tools so had to rely on brute strength! When the set was finally done and all the props were prepared we had to go through the game a few times without enforcing the punishments as once they had been enforced the presenters would have all the beans, etc all over them and would have to clean themselves up if we wanted to shoot again. This put quite a lot of people under pressure to get things right or the whole take would be ruined and be almost impossible to be-do.

I feel that this, like the outside VT, took far too long to set up and to begin filming. This is probably due to a fear of us getting it wrong and not being able to do it again, but nevertheless it still took far too long from getting into the studio to actually beginning filming. This could be improved with quicker decision making and less discussion over small details that could be sorted out in a couple of minutes. In a professional setting this type of behaviour would loose a lot of money in the form of time and those responsible would have to change this before they lost their job.


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