TV Studio: Floor Manager Role

This year I have got the role of floor manager in the TV studio which I am very happy about! I tried to get this role last year but was unsuccessful due to other competition. This role has appealed to me because it contains an element of responsibility over the studio floor but is still given direction from the gallery, which I feel is a perfect amount of responsibility for me.

The responsibilities of the role include:

  • Setting up the talk back for the floor manager and cameramen to be able to contact the gallery
  • Checking that equipment such as earpieces are working
  • Talking to presenters and guests so they know what is happening
  • Counting the show in and out  and giving cues to keep timings tight
  • Keeping the director in the know about what is happening on the studio floor that may be off-camera

I have felt very comfortable in this role and feel I have done well in it so far. I seem to be able to convey messages well and keep the studio floor under control. One thing I can sometimes do is talk over the director or talk more than is necessary over the talk back, sometimes causing confusion but now that I know this I will be working on avoiding this. There is a good relationship between myself, my cameramen and my director allowing for good and effective communication so no time in the studio is wasted.

Before taking on this role I would not have seriously considered thinking about it as a career path but with my experience so far it is definitely something I would consider in the future, after university.


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