TV Studio: Final bit of filming

We did our final bit of filming today! This involved the presenters introducing the show, explaining the games and looking at scores. This is all stuff we have practised about a million times and doesn’t require and fancy camera  work or messy beans or eggs. We recorded this a few times to perfect the timing and try a few different camera combinations giving us a lot to work with. The set and lighting was a standard set-up which we had used before so we were comfortable with setting this up quickly and efficiently. It was good to see each person simply get on with their job without much direction, it showed how comfortable we had all become in our roles.

After this we had to film “last weeks” gungeing of Dean. This posed a few problems as we had to change all of the lights, move all of the cameras and set-up the crane. This set up took some time with experimenting with different lights and colours and the usual problems with the crane (dodgy wires, worry about the weights not supporting it, settings on the camera matching those of the studio cameras, etc), but when we had finished all of this the set looked brilliantly threatening! (in a good way). We then met the same problems we had had with the other two VT’s, because of the messy nature there was only one chance to do this so had to get it right. A few moving shots with the crane were tried and decisions on which camera would catch the moment it took quite a while until we finally went for the final take of the project. Thankfully it all went smoothly and the lighting looked brilliant on camera giving a great overall effect.

The final shots were brilliant and I’m really happy with them but unfortunately we went through the same problems we’ve had previously, taking small decisions and turning them into big discussions which takes up huge amounts of time that could have been spent filming. Despite this what we have is brilliant and maybe this is because we spent time making all those small decisions, now all that is left to do is it to edit it together, add the titles and the music and we have a final piece!



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