TV Studio: Almost ready to film!!

Our TV studio work is really coming along and we now have a solid script and shooting schedule for the next 2 weeks. This Wednesday we are going to film our VT for our outside battle and next Wednesday the actual studio filming will be done. We’ve been through the studio script so many times now that I’m sure we could all recite it off the top of our heads! The cameras and timings are now almost second nature to us so that when it comes to the final recording we will be able to use the time as efficiently as possible getting as many takes as we can to get the show perfect.

So far the only thing we haven’t really done is the set, however, we have a plan with budgeting and layout designs. We know where to buy all of the props that we need and how much it is going to cost so all we really need to do it put it all together in the studio!


I’m very confident with the show as a whole and happy with the progress we’ve made in a short amount of time. Compared to the TV studio project I did last year this is much more organised and planned, everyone seems very happy in their roles and know exactly what to do and when. Every time we go into the studio people just do what they need to without asking many questions as it has become routine, this means we have used the time we have had in the studio very effectively getting as many practices done as is possible. Once our set has been put together the only thing left to do is to film and edit!

I have been enjoying my role much more than last year as I actually picked this role as my first choice this time rather than just getting what was left! I like the responsibility of being the route of communication with the gallery from the studio and having a more important role in the entire production.


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