TV Studio: Final Idea

After a lot of talking and throwing around of ideas we now have a solid format to work with. We only have a working title which will probably change soon but for the moment its called Gender Wars. Essentially it does what it says on the tin, its a battle of the sexes too prove the age old question, who is better? men or women? The idea is to monopolise on audience participation so it will feel like the men of the nation are in competition with the women of the nation, therefore, making the audience feel as involved as possible. Everyone knows that it doesn’t matter who you are when it comes to the war of the sexes, you have an opinion.  Men think they’ll win at every sport, woman think they cook better meals, men think they can drive better, women think their cleaner, now its the time to find out!

We now have solid ideas each of the “Battles”, the first will be a test of agility and balance, the second a mental battle and the third a test of speed. The “Battles” will take place in and outside the studio, including the presenters as well as members of the public to maximise audience participation. As a twist however during the audience challenges, it is not the public who are punished if they fail but their respective presenter, male or female. As far as set design goes we have decided to go with a pink and blue themed design, the symbolic colours for boys and girls. Random objects reflecting males and females will be put around the studio such as footballs, barbies, power tools, hairbrush, etc.

Next thing we need to do is finalise the script and sort out all of the graphics and music. The whole project seems to be coming together nicely and we have made great progress with our ideas, everyone seems on board with the plan. As soon as the script is done all of our studio time will be dedicated to getting all of the shots sorted and scripts learnt so it shouldn’t be long before we can film everything that needs to be done in the studio!


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