Back in the TV Studio

Once again we are back in the TV studio to produce our very own format production. Last time round the role I wanted to do was floor manager, unfortunately I was landed with the role of VT producer. I put all of my effort into the role but as a whole did not enjoy it, this time round I was determined to get the floor manager position and this time round I got it. The floor manager position is important for the whole production to come together effectively for many reasons. The role is the main form of communication between the director and the studio floor, it is a means for the director to give instructions to the presenters and vice versa.

Today we started to re familiarise ourselves with the studio and get comfortable in our roles, to test how much we remember from last year we simply got the presenters to talk about different subjects and tested out different types of timings and camera angles. We have not been given anything in the way of a brief as to what our show must contain so the sky’s the limit for what we can do! This does however cause some problems in that we are finding it hard to come up with a solid idea that is practical and realistic, we have come up with a couple of basic ideas that may be able to be developed into usable formats.

One of our ideas was based around a prank theme. There was a number of ideas as too how this could be turned into a format TV show that included having the pranksters and prankees interviewed on the show as they talk the audience through the pranks they have done and posted online. Another idea was that it could be some kind of quiz show in which the contestants get to decide the end result of a prank as it happens. This could be a show similar to channel 4s ‘Rude Tube’, ITVs ‘You’ve Been Framed’ or MTVs ‘Punk’d’.



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