Pitches Feedback/Genre Research

After hearing the feedback from our pitches we now have a solid idea to move forward with. We realised that organising the brightest star idea may take more organisation than we have time for in the limited time scale. There were many problems with the childrens interview ideas such as the need for individual parents permission and the obvious problems with filming children and posting it online. There is also the problem of the unpredictability of children and that we may not get any usable footage making the whole project a complete waste of time, therefore that only leaves the zombie mockumentary.

The genre of the ‘Mockumentary’ is a mixture of comedy (mock) and documentary. The genre started in the 60’s with films such as the Beatles film ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and the original radio show ‘War Of The Worlds’, which took the form of a real news broadcast with no introduction giving the illusion of an actual alien invasion. Since then many mainstream films have incorporated the mockumentary such as Sasha Baron Cohen’s film ‘Borat’ and the animated comedy ‘Surfs Up’. It Became popular in prime time television due to the success of Ricky Gervis’ comedy ‘The Office’ which even included a US version, and ‘I’m Alan Partridge’ which starred Steve Coogan as a failing radio presenter. A lot of these films rely on the main character thinking they are more interesting or funnier than they actually are to create the funny, and often awkward, situations. The films are often depict the main characters as secretly depressed e.g. David Brent or Alan Partridge to create humour for the audience.



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