4 Week Project

Its the beginning of my second year in media production and straight away we have to have a project done in only 4 weeks! The brief for the project was very general allowing us to create pretty much anything we wanted to, this gave us an opportunity to pitch an idea we may have always wanted to make but never had the chance. Almost as soon as we started we had 3 solid ideas to work with and pitches for them.

Pitch 1

Disabled People – The Brightest Star

Alice is 15 and lives a normal happy life. She goes to school and takes part in clubs like swimming and basketball. She loves talking bout clothes boys and her favourite tv shows with her friends. the only difference is Alice has Cerebral, this mean she has limited use of her limbs and is wheelchair bound. We want to show the positive sides of her life to show why we should be grateful for what we have.

Pitch 2

Zombie Mockumentary – The Life Of  A Dead Man

Tom is a 20 year old typical male: good at sport, likes video games, going out and spending time with friends. However, he has difficulties doing all this as Tom finds it hard socialising, which isn’t his entire fault: people are just too judgemental. Our documentary follows Tom in his day to day life to see what it’s like and how he copes with every day tasks. Oh, and we forgot to mention… he’s a zombie.

Pitch 3

Kids interview

Never work with children. Or so the saying goes. But this time we’ve thrown the rule book out and so this short documentary looks at life through a childs point of view. Asking lifes most important questions, a group of children show us the answers through their eyes. With hilarious results.

We will be pitching these ideas to the rest of the group and seeing what feedback they give us and what project they recommend that we go forward with.


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